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First book in the Elite Operatives romantic intrigue series.


Love has never been more lethal.

Elite operative Domino is no stranger to peril and impossible situations.Trained all her life to be just as comfortable fighting terrorists as mixing with the gala crowd, she is proficient at playing any role necessary to accomplish her objective and believes the cause sanctifies the means.
But her latest assignment to investigate journalist Hayley Ward will test more than her skills, ingenuity, and courage, because this time she  faces the ultimate dilemma: a choice between loyalty and love.




Pages: 224
July 2008
ISBN 978-1-60282-022-7



2009 Lesbian Fiction Readers Choice Award for Favorite Adventure                             

2009 Lesbian Fiction Readers Choice Award for Favorite Cover

2010 DUBBEL DOELWIT (Dutch translation of Lethal Affairs) second place in vote for best all-time Lesbian International 

Also available in Dutch and Russian

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