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Release date: Jan. 2015

Seventh book in the Elite Operatives romantic intrigue series.


Blood is thicker than pride.


The final book in the Elite Operative Series brings together foes, family, and friends, to start a new order.


Special Agent Switch needs to get close to Greek tycoon Konstantinos Lykourgos, the prime suspect in the theft of a priceless ancient icon from a monastery on Mount Athos. His accomplice is the EOO's recurring nemesis: Theodora Rothschild, aka TQ, the Broker.


Ariadne Lykourgos, heir to her father's shipping empire, expects to have a much-needed holiday on the family yacht with her friends. But the arrival of a new crew member challenges her values and tests her loyalties.


Will Agent Switch be strong enough to keep secrets from Ariadne, and will Ariadne be able to cope with the truth?



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